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Matryoshka - Russian Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka: Our collection of Russian Nesting dolls


matriochka traditionnelle

Russian dolls intrigue you? More than simple decorative objects, they symbolize Russia. So do not hesitate to discover our entire collection of nested dolls.


Matryoshkas (Nesting Dolls): the real symbols


The Russian nested doll, also known as the stacking russian dolls, is one of the emblems of Russia. It symbolizes family and fertility. Nowadays, this object is used as decoration, but do you know that at the beginning, it was a toy for the children?


Each Russian doll is supposed to represent a member of the family: children can have fun by finding the father, mother, uncle, aunt, brother or sister. It is also a great tool for learning calculations for the youngest. The educational game that will appeal to your children.


Traditional object par excellence, the matrushka doll is now distinguished by the diversity of patterns and shapes. If you want to know more about nesting dolls, check our article about how matryoshka are painted.


Our selection of Russian dolls


On our online store, you will discover beautiful wooden matriochkas made from robust materials. Since the end of the 19th century the success of matryochkas was quite important. We invite you to discover our entire collection of nesting dolls: whether you want to buy a traditional or original souvenir, you will inevitably find the ideal Russian nested dolls on our website!


Thanks to Tresorsderussie.com, you will be able to please you by buying a beautiful matryoshka manufactured in the purest Russian tradition!