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Porcelain dolls in suspension

Porcelain dolls in suspension

With Russian dolls in suspension, bring an artistic and original touch to the decor of your home. On our website, we offer a wide selection of suspended objects, Porcelain creations will delight collectors. They are ideal as a gift.

Our porcelain doll creations

Our porcelain dolls come in different sizes. Each model is dressed in traditional Russian costume. Porcelain dolls can be offered as a gift for your daughter. But other models are real collectibles. They can also be considered decorative objects.

Discover our dolls in suspension

We offer you a whole collection of dolls in suspension. These are pretty porcelain objects that you can use to adorn your home. You can even collect them with their traditional costume. We have a wide choice to satisfy everyone. You will find hanging dolls men and women dressed in beautiful costume.

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