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Russian milk jugs - Porcelain Lomonosov

Russian milk jugs - Porcelain Lomonosov


Passionate about paintings or collectors of architectural monuments, discover the exceptional beauty of porcelain. Decorated particularly with these aforementioned arts, you will no longer need to visit museums to contemplate or buy works of art, you just need to enjoy them in your plates or in your Russian dishes.


Porcelain of St. Petersburg: a work of art!


Founded in the mid-18th century, the imperial Lomonosov Porcelain Factory is part of the artistic heritage. Indeed, Russia as Japan is a country of tea therefore drink is a real custom. These porcelain hold an important place in the practice of this tradition because not only do they offer you items such as teapots, cups, sugar, round towels, milk pots or plates but also, they are very luxurious and give you this refined charm with traditional Russian tea.


Russian porcelain: a treasure at a low price!


Renowned worldwide as one of the best, our porcelain is an object of great value, a treasure thanks to its unique specificity of being decorated with paintings and its manufacture with a noble and refined material. Among these porcelains, the milk jugs, the mixture of cobalt nets and gilding give you an exceptional shine. Moreover, these items are accessible to all and you can find them in all the most famous museums around the world. It is also possible to order online with the cheapest prices!

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