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Faberge style earrings

Faberge style earrings


Fabergé style earrings


Elegant, colorful and delicate, Fabergé style earrings are an ideal jewel to offer.

These earrings are directly inspired by the eggs of Fabergé, a decorative object of great refinement that was born in 1885. That year, Tsar Alexander III decided to offer his wife an unexpected surprise for Easter. This is how the egg, created by the jeweler Fabergé, made his first appearance. Thereafter, Fabergé made a new egg each year, always with surprises inside of the egg.

These luxurious objects, symbols of high quality Russian craftsmanship, then gave birth to many reproductions and variations on this theme. The Fabergé egg then became an important decorative motif, used especially for jewelry making.

The Fabergé style earrings are in the form of dangling earrings with a richly decorated small egg. Their shimmering colors and their fine craftsmanship make it a perfect jewelry for an elegant everyday style. We can match them as well with a tailor for the working day as with an evening dress for a special occasion.

Depending on his preferences, one will choose a model with several main colors or on the contrary with a single color, and more or less additional ornaments such as precious stones. For more originality, we can also opt for more modern Fabergé style earrings.

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