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Wooden objects

Wooden objects for all tastes

Decorate your interior tastefully with our Russian wooden objects to add a personal touch. We offer a wide selection of dolls in folk dress, figurines in suspension,  handmade statues, musical objects or lacquered boxes. For a special occasion, for a special party, or to make you happy, discover or rediscover these unique, atypical and surprising decorative objects.


Enter this fairytale and wonderful world of this beautiful country that is Russia and its contrasts of lights: a world where mysteries, dreams and realities coexist. Fall for authentic products, unusual, with flavors of travel and elsewhere! Each of them is made by artists in hand to sublimate your living space and bring a touch of style that will be unique and surprise your guests!

Traditional russian dolls in folk dress

Collectors of ancient art, just like amateurs, will find their happiness among our selection of dolls in folk dress. Dressed in traditional Russian costumes, they are all crafted with great care, manually, with special attention to quality and finishes. Wooden, porcelain, small, medium or large, you will be spoiled for choice among all our selected models just for you.


Suspended figurines or carved wooden statuettes

The suspended figurines that we propose are, for their part, perfectly adapted for a party or a special occasion. Enrich your collection of Russian Christmas balls that will adorn your tree in an original way and bring a touch of modernity to the traditional decoration. You can also opt for one of our carved wooden statuettes, delicate and singular, which will give your crib a small Slavic side and will seduce your guests.