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Wooden figures


On the occasion of the festival, why not give a small Slavic side to your living room? On our website, we offer a range of inspirational objects such as eggs or wooden figures.


Russian christmas tree decoration


If you want to celebrate a Russian Christmas, know that the decoration of the tree is very important. In Russia, Santa Claus is called Father Gel and offers presents to children with his little daughter, called Snow Maiden. On our website you will find statuettes traditionally made of solid wood and hand painted to decorate your beautiful Christmas tree. We offer Father Gel of different motifs with a winter theme as his daughter the Snow Daughter, or more religious motifs such as angels or the birth of Christ.


Discover other collection


On our website you have a wide selection of items. Whether you are a collector or a simple amateur, our online Russian store will amaze you. You will find lacquered boxes, statuettes, music boxes, figures, soldiers, wooden animals, but also decorative eggs.

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