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Russian Dolls in folk dress

Russian Dolls in folk dress

Are you interested in Russian crafts? Dolls in folk dress are superb collectible and decorative items. Discover the selection of Tresorsderussie.com:


Our dolls in folk dress


We invite you to discover very pretty dolls dressed with traditional costumes of Russia. We offer models in wood and porcelain, manufactured with great care. Each model is made with attention to detail to satisfy the most demanding collectors. Each doll has its story: if you want to learn more about Russia, we can only advise you to crack on one or more models.


Hand-made objects by Russian artists


The dolls in folk dress that you can buy on our online store are handmade by Russian artists who know the traditional costumes and history of the country. Are you hesitating between a wooden or porcelain model? In either case, it will be a bit of Russia that will end up at your place in your living room. If you like Russian crafts, you can even start a beautiful collection.