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Discover the collection of Russian music boxes

Looking for music boxes that are both pretty and original? Our website, offers a collection of authentic music boxes. They play soft music to calm and sleep toddlers. We find in them the particular sounds, these musical instruments typical of the country. At the same time, they form beautiful decorative items for children's rooms.

The music boxes offered are entirely artisanal creations. They were made according to traditional methods. Painted and drawn with techniques such as mixt, watercolor or tempera, the articles have superb finishes. Moreover, craftsmen use the same quality material: linden wood.

Our Russian store therefore offers you very attractive music boxes. Available articles allow you to choose the shape and color that suits you. Paintings and drawings are your choice.

As a gift or simply a bedroom decoration for baby, the music boxes are the items you need. Other handicrafts from Russia are available on our website. Buy the one that suits you right now!

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