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Russian Table Art

Russian tableware: a true art of the table

Russian tableware is known around the world as the one who has influenced the way of presenting a table since the 19th century. Initially reserved for the European aristocracy, this high-end art was then democratized during the twentieth century to today be present on most tables. The production quality of Russian craftsmen, however, remained the same. Our range of Russian dishes and decorative table elements testify to this age-old know-how. You will find, among our products, the missing element to your so that your table is unforgettable and unique!


Russian dishes


A true source of pride in Russia, Lomonosov porcelain is a true artisanal masterpiece. Much more than a simple decorative object, this fine porcelain puts forward geometric or floral or theme motifs and combines golden and bluish colors. Our selection offers not only items for the service, such as teapots or milk pots, but also objects of more frequent use as ornate plates or even cups with saucer. This porcelain from Lomonosov is a high quality tableware and will undoubtedly be the main asset of your table.

Looking for a unique tray? We recommend the Russian trays of Jostovo. Renowned for a long time for their beautiful colors and robustness, these trays are intended for table service and serving tea and coffee. You will inevitably find the color and the patterns you like among our many choices! Very practical, they are also elements of unique decorations made by recognized craftsmen. With these Russian trays, the service of food and drinks becomes an art!