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Trio pepper, salt, spices

Trio pepper, salt, spices

Russian tableware: pepper, salt, spices trio.


Want to bring a touch of Russia and originality to your table? So why not let yourself be tempted by this trio of pepper, salt, spices, bearing the image of the emblem of Russia: the famous Russian dolls.


The matryoshkas, the famous Russian dolls


If the name "matryoshka" doesn't mean much to you, you've probably heard of "Russian dolls". These are these small wooden dolls from Russia. These dolls, which are decreasing in size, have the particularity of being able to open in two. When you open a doll in two, you find inside a smaller doll and so on.


The first doll, which is the largest, is most often the image of a peasant dressed in traditional Russian attire. The following dolls represent the descendants of this peasant with a jovial face. As for the last doll, it represents the last born and does not open. A series of Russian dolls most often contains 5, 7 or even 10 dolls, but it is also possible to find some containing around sixty dolls.


Russian dolls are traditionally decorated with harmonious and colorful patterns, which makes them a very popular decoration object, as well as the ideal souvenir to bring from Russia. If the traditional Russian doll is in the image of a peasant, there are really all kinds, ranging from the simplest to the most elaborate and original. Also, as these dolls are undoubtedly the most emblematic object of Russia, it is not surprising to find them declined in other objects for decoration or even tableware.


Pepper, salt and spices trio with the photos of the Russian dolls


Among these different objects that can be found in the effigy of matryoshkas, we find this trio of pepper, salt, original spices, whose three containers are in the shape of a Russian doll.


If you have a strong interest in Russia or if you simply like elegant and original table decorations, this object is ideal. Whether to offer or to please yourself, Russian tableware and tableware are renowned for their elegant, refined and colorful patterns. Whether made of wood or porcelain, objects from traditional Russian crafts will bring a touch of originality to a classic table. In addition, the Russian dolls of the pepper, salt and spice trio are made according to a specific craft, called khokhloma.


It is a traditional Russian craft, specialized in lacquered decoration on wood.

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