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Russian trays from Jostovo

Russian trays from Jostovo

Discover our Russian trays of Jostovo

Emblematic of Russian craftsmanship, the production of Russian trays developed in the early 18th century in the Urals region. It then spread to localities near Moscow, including Jostovo which established itself as the center of production of these colorful trays. The Jostovo plateaus are intimately linked to Russian daily life, and traditionally served to bring food for meals, drinks, and decoration.


The Russian Jostovo trays were originally made of papier mache, then painted and lacquered to give them that typical, smooth and shiny appearance. Most of them are made of metal today, which makes them particularly durable. Recognizable by their particular style, combining a plain background and refined patterns, Russian trays Jostovo are essential to embellish your table or decorate your home.


In our shop, you can choose from a variety of round, oval, rectangular or octagonal Jostovo trays. You can also choose according to the desired size, as well as patterns and colors that we offer you. All our trays of Jostovo are handcrafted by painters.

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