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Porcelain Lomonosov

Porcelain Lomonosov

Lomonosov porcelain: a Russian emblem

The creation of porcelain objects was born a long time ago in China but the Russians have also adopted this art and have become real craftsmen. Nowadays, Russian porcelain knows an unshakable success and these are the dishes that are the most requested and the most coveted in the world of the arts.


Pleasant to the eye, intriguing, enigmatic but especially captivating, these Russian porcelain are one of the treasures of our store. The Porcelain of Lomonosov is one of the best and demonstrates the artistic and cultural know-how of St. Petersburg. You can find all the dishes: Teapots, Cups, Sugar Bowls, Napkin Rings, Milk Pots or Plates.


The tradition of Russian porcelain


If you are passionate about paintings, monuments or famous architectures, you will be able to find your happiness because these items have the peculiarity of being decorated with these arts mentioned above. So instead of buying paintings, why not just look at them in your Russian porcelain tableware from Lomonosov.


To possess one is also to have the opportunity to be even closer to one's passion and to remember it each time you perceive them in your small objects. You will thus keep your passion as a treasure thanks to these Russian porcelain from Lomonosov. You can order your future dishes online and we will deliver anywhere in the world with lower costs.