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Silk Russian shawls (Russian scarves)

Silk Russian shawls (Russian scarves)

If you are attracted by the beautiful Russian shawls with shimmering colors, our site offers a large collection of these beautiful shawls that are the charm of Slavic women. The shawls of today have their origin in the silk shawls that were imposed in the 18 th and 19 th centuries.

Our shawls collection

Russian shawls are not just a fashion accessory. It is a tradition and a symbol in Russia. Whether to cheer up your party outfits or simply to protect yourself from the cold, discover our beautiful collection.


We offer on our online shop Russian shawls with many motifs, including floral. Our silk shawls are handmade by Russian artists. That's why they are very appreciated as a gift. Whether it's wearing it yourself or offering it to someone you care about, it will always be accepted as a valuable gift.

Shawls, a sure thing!

Made in the purest tradition, our shawls are typical Slav products, made by Russian artists with superior quality wool. Combining comfort and aesthetics, women are more and more conquered. These are true aesthetic accessories for most women.

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