» » Russian wool shawls size 72 * 72cm
Russian wool shawls size 72 * 72cm

Russian wool shawls size 72 * 72cm

In Russia, the shawl is not a simple ordinary accessory. It is a reference in this field and has a long tradition. The rigor of the climate and the legendary elegance of women have allowed the emergence of high quality production.


Today, thanks to the aesthetic requirements of the clients, the Russian shawl has become an essential fashion accessory.


Our online store offers a wide range of Russian shawls, handcrafted by artists. Our scarves are made with wool of superior quality and available in several designs.


Our collections of Russian scarves

Our store offers you one of the most beautiful and largest collections of scarves, carefully chosen for their magnificence and their aesthetic appearance. They are made in the purest tradition by artists. On our online shop offers a wide selection of shawls. They are perfect for fresh spring or summer evenings and cold winter. 

Buy you a handmade gift from Russia

With Russian shawl, you will wear Russian flowers on your shoulders. Our beautiful traditional wool shawls are an exceptional gift. They are highly appreciated all over the world. Woven and hand printed by artists, it is very beautiful and authentic shawl which will perfectly dress your shoulders. They also bring a touch of elegance to your outfit.

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