» » Russian wool shawls size 135 * 135 cm
Russian wool shawls size 135 * 135 cm

Russian wool shawls size 135 * 135 cm

Recognizable among thousands, the Russian shawls are characterized by vibrant colors and ornamental patterns of great finesse. Symbols of Russian elegance, these indispensable accessories accompany women in every season to bring them warmth and sophisticated style.


We love their versatile side and practical side to wear everyday in all circumstances: whether for a chic evening or for your daily trips. The large square format is also very useful to play on the folds and vary the shapes: folded in two for a rectangular format, folded diagonally for a triangular shape, or unfolded to wrap in his favorite shawl. We like to wear a scarf around the neck, shawl on the shoulders, or even to cover the knees when traveling in cold weather.


The Russian wool shawls are also a purchase you will not regret.


Their craftsmanship is made in the rules of art for impeccable quality, designed to last a long time. The use of wool makes it possible to obtain a scarf that is both warm, breathable, and does not puck contrary to synthetic. Choosing a Russian wool shawl means making the choice of quality and know-how.


For yourself or to offer, you will find a wide range of Russian shawls with various patterns on our online store Treasures of Russia. Depending on your style, you can opt for pastel colors while delicacy, or bright colors that will brighten your outfits.