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Russian wool shawls size 110 * 110 cm

Russian wool shawls size 110 * 110 cm


Russian wool shawls are one of the distinctive elements of the traditional clothing of Russian women.


They are also elegant accessories that are still very popular in Russia, and are now very popular in other European countries.


They are known for their shimmering colors, the finesse of their refined designs, and their wool design. They are perfect to bring warmth and style in all circumstances.


The Russian wool shawls of size 110*110cm have the added advantage of being both compact enough to be carried everywhere with you, and big enough to be warm and covering.


Made in the Russian handmade tradition, these quality shawls can be perfect fit for winter and mid-season.


Their square format can be worn folded in half on the shoulders, wrapped in a scarf with a triangle fold, or simply unfolded to wrap itself in heat. Their traditional style is very fashionable, and can be worn as a complement to an evening dress or a daily outfit such as pants and blouse.


It is therefore the versatile accessory par excellence.


Also note that their handmade design ensures a long life, and requires minimal maintenance.


On our website Treasures of Russia, you will find a whole selection of Russian wool shawls to please you or to offer. You can opt for shades more or less dark, and choose your shawl depending if you search for floral patterns, paisley patterns, or a combination of both.

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