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Russian scarves

Russian scarves

Russian scarves, a very original gift idea

Historically, it was Russian women who wore the headscarf for the first time. At that time, wearing the scarf or scarf or shawl is like a custom. However, nowadays, it has become very trendy and these items constitute an ideal gift idea to offer for every occasion: birthday gift, gift for Mother's Day, Easter gift, Christmas gift or Valentine's day gift.


It is exceptional because it is printed and woven by hand by artists. Not only does it reveal the tradition but it is also worn to dress the shoulders but also to bring a touch of elegance to the outfits.

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A wide range of wool shawls is available, namely wool shawls available in size 72 * 72 cm, 89 * 89cm, 125 * 125 cm, 146 * 146 cm and 148 * 148 cm. On the other hand, you will find silk and cotton shawls as well as scarves available in several designs. The shawl has become an indispensable fashion accessory thanks to its originality, its quality and the history it traces. If you appreciate the quality of the handmade, exclusivity and originality, make it discover to your loved ones and offer them as a gift.

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