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Russian jewelry trends on our site

Each of the Russian jewelries on our site is a rare and unique piece. The result of careful hand-crafting from quality materials, they are handcrafted in Russia by passionate craftsmen and therefore differ from one model to another.


Cradled by many cultures, the pieces we offer you will necessarily travel through this beautiful country and steeped in history or remind you of sweet memories of another era. Whenever you wear one of our jewels, you will have the impression of keeping an ounce of Russia in your heart.


Discover now our large selection of Russian jewelry of all types, like pins, earrings, necklaces or necklaces ... All more authentic and delicate than each other.Take the time you need to choose and select the jewel to your image or the gift that will please your loved one for sure!


Russian jewels to please you or please.


TresorsdeRussie offers you a wide choice of original Russian jewels to sublimate your style or to please your loved ones, on a special occasion: a birthday, a wedding, a birth ... or simply to please! Allies of choice for the everyday, these jewels will bring to your look a touch of originality and elegance. Enter the world of Russian craftsmanship and fall for one of our pieces, all certified unique and deliciously aesthetic.


Fall for one of our Russian jewellery creations


You are fans or collect the sublime Russian dolls? Adorn yourself with one of our Russian creations full of history and passion, that of Mrs. Berezova, a Russian artist who imagines and crafts these unique jewels, which feature the famous "matryoshka"! A pretty brooch that will complete your dress style, a delicate craft necklace or a hand-painted ring ... You'll be spoiled for choice!