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Russian fantasy jewellery

Russian fantasy jewellery

Discover our range of Russian fantasy jewelery


Do you like wearing fantasy jewelery? Russia has no secrets for you? Discover our large collection of fantasy jewelery. They are made by Russian artists with a lot of talent!


Our Russian costume jewelery


We have selected barrettes, brooches, pendants, bracelets and earrings on our online store. Each jewelery, handcrafted by a Russian artists, is unique: the methods and materials used are all very different from one model to another.


Whatever fancy Russian jewelry you buy on our online store, you'll be sure to wear a model you will not find on anyone else!


Russia jewelry


Russia is a country steeped in history and rocked by many cultures. This is why the jewelery we sell on our website are so different from what we can find elsewhere. Whenever you wear your barrette, your pendant or your earrings, you will have the impression of keeping a small part of Russia in your heart.


Discover our entire collection: you will find a jewel to your taste on our online store!