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Porcelain bear

Porcelain bear

Discover the porcelain bears


Are you a lover or a lover of Russian art? Discover the authentic arts objects made by the care of true craftsmen on our shop. The items on offer can be used as decoration for your home. At the same time pretty original and pleasant to look at, surprise also your relatives by exceptional presents.


For example, our website offers you a superb collection of porcelain bears. They were created from quality materials and carefully painted using traditional techniques. The disguises and colors of each bear are varied to offer you a wide choice of items. The models are thus the choice. These Russian bears represent, among other things, culture and art.


Our store offers you other gift inspirations. Find online for example statuettes, shawls and many other wonders. For collectors and connoisseurs, it's a must-have address! See you on our site to find a surprising and original article

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