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Wooden Angel Figurines

Wooden Angel Figurines

On our website, find a wide range of gifts for the Russian holiday and for all budgets. You will find original gifts for the pleasure of children and adults without emptying your wallet. For kids, go for a rocking horse or a wooden whistle. You are guaranteed to offer an authentic toy that will delight your little one. In addition, all our items are carefully crafted by artisans.

Decorate your home with a touch of originality

For the Christmas party, surprise your guests by bringing an original touch to your table. For this, we offer a selection of toothpick holder or round wooden napkins. Thanks to the bright colors of these objects, the atmosphere will be more user-friendly.


Our other collections

To please your wife, check out our online Russian jewelry shop. You will also find fancy jewelery and creative jewelry. Our site also sells music boxes. They are entirely artisanal creations, made using traditional methods. If your wife does not like jewelry, opt for wool shawls.

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