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Russian Christmas Bells

Russian Christmas Bells

Figurines in suspension

The suspended figurines are a very special gift idea to offer for a birthday, for Russian Christmas or other festive occasions. For this, several items of different models are presented to you, namely models angels, hanging dolls, bells and Christmas balls.


Since these objects have decorative function, they offer you a very original idea of ​​decoration. As the presence of a fir tree motivates people to celebrate Christmas, it is thus essential to offer it a more than special decoration through objects of decoration like figurine suspended.


A wide range of figurine in suspension is presented to you. For example, for the Christmas tree, you can opt for bells, angels or Christmas balls. Although they are handmade, they are part of collections of traditional decorations. That to say that his sale is dedicated to both collectors and individuals. Ability to make an order according to your desire and your expectations. If the reasons are not suitable for those you are looking for, place an order is the only way to meet his needs.

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