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Painted wooden Christmas balls

Painted wooden Christmas balls


Want to buy a decoration for Christmas tree? Our site is a true Alibaba cave for lovers of handcraft products. With Christmas tree decorations, you bring a colorful and warm atmosphere into your home. Dare to be original and decorate your Christmas tree with Russian Christmas balls, carved wooden statuettes and suspended figurines.

Christmas decoration collection

To compose a festive decor, dare about the wealth of motifs dear to the Slavic tradition such as stars, birds or even stylish flowers. To decorate the tree, we offer a wide selection of carved wooden statuette of different patterns. You can find statuettes of the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, angels, snowmen and also Christmas balls. You will also find all kinds of traditional decorations such as colorful wooden bells, hanging dolls, etc.

Gift idea

As for gifts, find on our site various craft articles, ideal to offer and to offer oneself. You have a wide choice of eggs, lacquered boxes, shawls, but also little Christmas gifts such as wooden toys, whistles or bookmarks. To celebrate the celebration, offering original gifts will please your loved ones.

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