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Russian teapots - Porcelain Lomonosov

Russian teapots - Porcelain Lomonosov


Lomonosov Porcelain is a porcelain factory founded by Empress Elizabeth. These articles are mostly related to the contemporary history of Russia. Russian porcelain is not only sought after by collectors but also by individuals. It is an object of decoration that can not remain unnoticed and not only an object of exhibition. These items also constitute an interior decoration.


Notice to lovers of the arts of the table


You will not have to find other things to decorate your table, thanks to porcelain. Discover a range of porcelain including Russian teapot, cups, napkin rings, sugar bowls, milk jugs and plates. All these articles highlight the work of the artists.


A gift idea for everyone


Lomonosov porcelain is a good gift idea, especially for lovers of tableware. Whether it's for a birthday, a wedding or something else, these items are always a better gift idea for everyone. The presence of these objects of decoration gives immediately want to taste everything, for the little ones as for the big ones.

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