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Russian sugar cups - Porcelain Lomonosov

Russian sugar cups - Porcelain Lomonosov


Russian sugar bowl


All objects in Russian porcelain are original works, that's why they represent real collectibles. They have become one of the objects of interest to many collectors around the world. Our sugar bowls are available in several very attractive designs. These objects are also objects of decoration, especially for the table. So, notice to lovers of the arts of the table. By choosing a tea service, you will surely give a better look to your table. And even your tea or coffee will have a unique taste. Just choose the reason according to the event.


Customized sugar bowl


If you think to offer a gift lomonosov porcelain to your loved ones, know that it is quite possible to customize these items. You can personalize them with photos, name, first name, texts or other things according to your taste and desire. Offer it on any occasion during a gift exchange, birthday, wedding, etc.


Short story


Porcelain production is one of the specialties of our country. Whether it is a sugar bowl, a cup, a plate or a milk jug, these objects always retrace the history of St. Petersburg or rather the contemporary history of Russia. They come from the production of luxurious table services ordered by Empress Catherine.

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