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Russian plates - Porcelain Lomonosov

Russian plates - Porcelain Lomonosov


Lomonosov porcelain, whether cups, teapots, plates or other, are famous for their finish, shape and history. They are pleasant to the eye but above all captivating and enigmatic. Russian plates are not only collectibles but also decorative objects. These articles retrace the contemporary history of Russia, which is why many collectors around the world are interested. As a reminder, they are made by hand. The plate is available in several patterns. The choice is made according to your desire and each event.


Decorate the table with this article


A good plate, it is also a beautiful table and a good presentation of table, it is to choose well its plates. Our plates are a good idea for a table decoration for all parties. What is certain is that these plate decorations will amaze all guests. You will have a good time with your friends or your family.


A better gift idea


If you have no idea for a birthday present or Christmas time, think about the Russian plate. You do not regret it because this object of collection constituted and constitutes always a very good idea of ​​gift.

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