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Original Russian Nesting Dolls Small Size

Original Russian Nesting Dolls Small Size


Original Russian dolls - Small size


Russian dolls or matryoshkas have become one of the most famous symbols of Russian. Almost everyone has seen the familiar face of these "matrons" with a warm smile and bright colors painted on wood. The concept of Russian dolls can be summed up in a series of dolls that fit into each other - usually there are 4 to 6 dolls in total. If traditional matriochkas are quite simple, there are also very beautiful Russian dolls. 


It is an ideal gift to create a decoration at home with typical and modern accents at the same time.

With Treasures from Russia, you can discover a whole universe of original Russian dolls. We can choose matryoshkas with much more rounded shapes than the traditional nesting doll. You will also find Russian dolls with special decorations, such as relief motifs.


Other nesting dolls are distinguished by a work of modernization of the female representation, with particularly expressive faces for example. Among the different types of small Russian original dolls, you can also choose a matryoshka on the theme of a work of art, with adaptations of famous paintings such as those of Gustav Klimt.


These Russian dolls are therefore ideal for combining quality craftsmanship, original look rich in uniqueness, and compact size. 

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