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Nesting Dolls Original Multi Pieces

Nesting Dolls Original Multi Pieces

Original Nesting dolls - Multi-pieces


The face of matryoshka is familiar to the general public both in Russia and in Europe. Created more than a century ago, these decorative objects have quickly become one of the most famous symbols of Russian craftsmanship. The classic models can be recognized by their representation of a peasant woman with slightly rosy cheeks, and holding a cock under her arm. Its simple and amiable appearance, with the rooster symbolizing fertility, has contributed to its popularity both as a toy for children and as decorative objects.


Traditionally, there are between 4 and 6 recessed dolls in a series of matriochkas. But with the development of the production of nesting dolls, we have seen the appearance of various models that have come to bring originality to classic models. Thus, the multi-piece Russian dolls offer original variations while keeping the general structure of the matryoshka: a wooden design shot with simple lines, and painted details rich in colors.


With Russian Treasures, you can choose from original Russian multi-piece dolls of up to 10 and even 15 flush-mounted dolls. You will be able to appreciate all the meticulousness and the quality of execution with very small pieces of great refinement. As for decorations, you can choose from a wide range of creations designed by the painters: matriochkas with simple ornaments, sophisticated costumes with golden details, or decorations on floral themes, there is something for everyone. This is the perfect gift to offer for a special occasion, or simply to yourself!

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