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High End Nesting Dolls and Matryoshka

High End Nesting Dolls and Matryoshka


On our website, we sell high end Russian dolls. These are ideal if you want to buy matryoshka made in the purest of russian traditions!


Our high-end Russian dolls


The articles that you will discover in this section are high-end matryochkas, which explain their price which is rather high. The wood is of very good quality and the care given to each detail will charm you! Your Russian doll will proudly stand in your living room: you will be able to explain to your guests the history of matriochkas, real emblems of Russia! In addition to being a beautiful decorative object, your doll can also be used by your children as a toy!


Matryoshkas made and painted by hand


All our matryoshkas are hand-made and hand-painted by Russian artists in Russia. These are real Russian dolls: you can only be enchanted by the beautiful bright colors of our creations. Discover our entire collection: you will necessarily find a matryoshka you like.

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