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Other glass animals

The glass figurines are one of the areas of excellence of Russian craftsmanship! Made in St. Petersburg, these figurines of great finesse are very popular with lovers of interior decorations. The glass subjects are made of blown glass, a technique dating from ancient times, which consists of blowing air into a heated glass ball to give it an airy and refined side. The blower craftsman will then create all the other details to create a unique figurine!


The glass subjects have the particularity of being rich in fine and very precise details that give them a very realistic side. You will be amazed by the delicacy of the elements that make up each figurine, whether legs, beaks, eyes, fins, or the details of plumage for birds. Fantasy is also present through all these glass subjects, with dazzling colors that testify to the skill of the artisans who make these miniature works of art.


Treasures of Russia offers you a selection of large glass subjects, from squirrels to dolphins, turtles and lion. You will thus find your favorite animal, or one of the favorite animals of the person to whom you wish to offer this inimitable gift. You can for example choose according to Chinese zodiac animals: pig, rooster, mouse or horse. You can also opt for original animals, such as the peacock, the giraffe or the polar bear.


Do not miss our selection of owls with beautiful colorful eyes, flying or perched on their branches. With this wide choice, you can recreate your own miniature zoo, either by theme (forest animals, farm animals, or exotic animals for example), or simply according to your favorite animals! And if you want to reconstruct families of animal figurines, choose figurines of different sizes.

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