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Glass fishes

Glass fishes

Among the large glass animals, discover the figurines in the shape of fish! With their aerial shapes, their acid colors and their great finesse, blown glass fish are very popular for decorating the living room, the bathroom or a bedroom beautifully. They come to bring a decorative touch both discreet and always attracting the eyes of guests.


The glass fish majestically deploy their elegant fins, which gives them this light and refined appearance. Their assortment of colors, all more breathtaking than the other, ensure these fish a great success with young and old alike. You will also notice the very great precision in the execution of these figurines, which one notices notably at the level of the eyes and the mouth of the fish.


These tall subjects are around 10 to 15 cm tall, and are made in the tradition of Russian crafts, in St. Petersburg. The technique of blown glass is used to give the initial shape of the subject, by blowing air inside a heated glass tube. Then, the artisan blower will fashion the details of the figurine, either by using again the technique of blown glass, or in spun glass: in this case, he will pull the son of the heated glass and give them the desired shape.


All you have to do is choose your favorite large glass fish, or choose several! Oranges and whites, very colorful, with contrasting scales, there is something for everyone. Do not hesitate to buy several to create a real small aquarium containing your finest glass figurines, or match them with other animals blown glass: dolphins, cats or turtles. And with Treasures from Russia, you can rest assured of the quality of the items you buy: they come directly from Russia and have been made by carefully selected craftsmen


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