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Glass cats

Glass cats

Whether you are a collector or simply want to make an original gift, there is a glass cat for you!


These funny, poetic and decorative figurines have it all. Their delicate shapes and vibrant colors will add sophistication to your interior, or complement your glass figurine collection.


To make you happy or to offer, our shop has selected for you a selection of cat-shaped figurines, made of blown glass. This technique dating back to Roman times has today become a real art that allows to create beautiful small sculptures of various shapes and colors. The technique consists of blowing air into a piece of heated glass, which gives it an incomparably light appearance. The craftsman then models the details of the object using his tools, either by blowing again into his cane to make curved shapes, or by stretching the heated glass. These creations are therefore all unique and of high quality, and Treasures of Russia imports them for you directly from Russia.


Among the cats in blown glass that we offer, you can choose between many models: a cat that stretches, a cat sitting, a cat doing the bulk, or a cat holding a flower between his teeth, he There is something to have fun! You can also choose between different colors: black cat, brown, gray, or why not striped.


These large figurines will immediately find their place on a dresser, on shelves, in a library, in your trinket cabinet or in your room. Their fun tunes and bright colors will put a good mood in your home. They will also be highly appreciated as gifts for friends or family members. And to recreate a small feline family, choose several of the same size or different sizes!

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