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Fabergé style egg pendant

Fabergé style egg pendant

Discover our Fabergé egg pendants

Universal symbol of life and rebirth, the egg is a promise of life. At once a beautiful object of decoration, the Russian egg also brings a touch of gaiety and folklore to your interior. These are very decorative objects and also a very appreciated original gift. It is also a loved object and often collected, so discover our collection of egg decoration and also beautiful copies of Fabergé's on our website.


An ideal gift for you or for your family and friends


We offer a range of decorative eggs for your decoration or your collection. As the decorative eggs are a true specialty of the craft industry, we offer you Fabergé egg pendants hand-crafted by artists. Whether wood or glass, painted or furnished with precious stones, simple or more sophisticated, on our website, you will find quite fast a model that you like!


Vintage and chic look with a Fabergé egg pendant

On our website, discover a wide range of Fabergé egg pendants handmade by craftsmen. You will find decorative wooden eggs to hang or hang, but also glass eggs that are exact reproductions of Karl Fabergé eggs. We offer selections of these mysterious, fascinating, and famous faberge egg. As the originals are less accessible, we offer reproductions made from a very precious glass and then hand-engraved by artists.


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