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Decorative eggs

bijou en ambre russe


Our collection of Russian decorated eggs


On our website, we show the work of Russian artists. We invite you to discover our collection of decorated and hand-made eggs: they are both decorative and symbolic.


Why buying a Russian decorative egg?


It is not only a beautiful decorative object, even if it will bring a touch of gaiety and folklore to your interior. The origin of this object dates back to the egg festival that appeared during Antiquity.


Russians decorate their interior with painted decorative eggs to celebrate Orthodox Easter, one of the most important religious holidays for the community. They symbolize life and often represent religious scenes or everyday life.


Discover our Russian decorated eggs.


On our website, you will discover handmade decorative wooden eggs, as well as glass models and exact copies of Fabergé eggs. They are all made by Russian artists with a lot of talent. They will allow you to decorate your interior with taste! Hanging painted egg models will also be perfect for decorating the Christmas tree during the Christmas and New Year! Discover our large collection of Russian decorated eggs: you will inevitably find a model that you like!