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Faberge eggs - Reproductions

Faberge eggs - Reproductions

Fabergé eggs: timeless gifts

On our website, you can buy decorative glass or metal eggs: beautiful copies of Fabergé eggs. You will inevitably find a valuable model for you.


Fabergé eggs made in a traditional way


Do you know the origin of Fabergé's eggs? These beautiful creations were made by jeweler Pierre Karl Fabergé then offered by Alexander III and Nicolas II to their wives on the occasion of the Easter! Real works of art both delicate and luxurious, emblematic of Russia. Even now, fabergé egg remains the symbol of luxury.


Our Fabergé egg collection


On our website, we do not sell originals, only reproductions of Fabergé eggs, much more affordable in terms of price. The copies you can buy on our website are really beautiful: our Fabergé eggs are made from a very precious glass and then hand-engraved by Russian artists. It is an ideal gift for the person who loves handcraft.


We invite you to discover our entire collection: many colors and patterns are available to you so that you can choose the Fabergé egg that you like the most and that will fit best to the decoration of your home. You too, have a little of Russia at home by buying a copy of the Fabergé egg! And if you want to see originals, it is quite possible for you to visit one of the museums exhibiting Fabergé eggs.