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Decorative wooden eggs

Decorative wooden eggs


On Tresorsderussie.com we put Russian crafts in the spotlight. We invite you to discover our selection of wooden eggs: they are made in Russia by Russian artists with great talent!


Our wooden eggs


On our online store, you will discover beautiful wooden eggs made and painted by hand. If you like the warm and folkloric decoration, we can only advise you to crack on our collection! The origin of the decorative eggs is religion, you will find many models representing religious scenes. But we also offer many other illustrations: you can for example buy a beautiful wooden egg representing the city of Moscow.


Wooden eggs made in Russia


The decorative wooden eggs that you can buy on our online store are really beautiful: they are colorful and every detail is important. Among our collection, you will necessarily find a model or several to your taste! In addition, by buying on our website, you help Russian craftsmanship: a nice gesture for artists who have a lot of talent! Let yourself be tempted by our collection: you will not regret your purchase!

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