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Christian Orthodox Objects

objet religieux chrétien orthodoxe

Orthodox Christian religious objects

Orthodox Christian religious objects are an excellent choice for the gift. These religious objects are deeply rooted in Russian culture, and are distinguished by the finesse of their execution and their aesthetic qualities.


Among the most well-known Orthodox Christian religious objects, there are the icons: these most often represent Jeusus or Virgin Mary with a refined setting where the gilding has the share.


They are objects of devotion of great beauty, which are placed as well in a room as in the living room. Treasures of Russia offers you beautiful replicas of icons of Russian culture to beautify your home.


At the religious objects section of our online shop, you can also find Russian Orthodox crosses as well as Christian pendants.


Orthodox cross pendants are either simply the Byzantine cross with illuminations, or the image of Jesus Christ in a cross-shaped frame.


The pendants are an excellent way to always carry with you Jesus Christ or Virgin Mary. We offer a selection of pendants with varied shapes and iconography: all were carefully made by Russian craftsmen. They can be worn with a silver or gold chain, or with a thin leather strap.