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Russian Crosses - Orthodox Crosses

Russian Orthodox Crosses

The Orthodox Cross is one of the strong symbols of religion in Russia. Unlike the Catholic cross, the Orthodox cross has three horizontal lines on the central horizontal axis. On the top of the cross, there is a small horizontal bar representing the inscription INRI that Pontius Pilate would have engraved on the cross during the crucifixion. At the bottom of the Russian cross, a slanted cross is the footrest, as is the tradition of the Orthodox.


On our website, we offer a selection of pendants representing famous Russian Orthodox crosses made by Russian craftsmen. Among the different types of cross we distinguish those embellished with an elaborate ornamentation, those more classic that are sober, and finally those that highlight a religious figure. The first type of orthodox cross pendant is in the traditional format of the Russian cross, with gold or silver ornamentation on the border. In the center, the figure of Christ on the cross is carved. Often these crosses have colored parts, made of enamel, as well as small rhinestones or precious stones at the four ends of the cross.


The more classic crosses may have square or rounded ends, with a minimalist ornamentation that give them that more modern side. The central representation is that of the Orthodox cross with these 3 horizontal bars, or a pattern composed of a succession of crosses.


Finally, you can choose a finely decorated cross, with different colors and patterns. You can also opt for a cross in which we find the image of Jesus Christ or a saint. This type of pendant combines the strong symbolism of the Orthodox Cross with the image of a revered religious figure. This may be a good choice to make if you like to address your prayers to a particular saint.


These pendants of orthodox crosses are very beautiful gifts to offer, or to have always on you the image of the cross. Delicate and refined, these are discreet jewels that are worn everyday.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, we would be delighted to help you and choose the cross that best suits you.

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