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Christian Religious Icons - Orthodox Icons

Russian Orthodox Christian religious icons

Present in most Russian homes, Christian religious icons are one of the major objects of Russian craftsmanship. The orthodox icon brilliantly combines religious devotion and artistic expression, thanks to faithful iconography and finely crafted ornaments. Orthodox religious icons usually include the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, or a patron saint, including Saint Nicholas who is a particularly revered saint in Russia.


The shape of the icon may vary, but it usually has a square central structure, within which we find the holy image with refined decorations. Around this central frame, some orthodox icons have additional ornaments: it may be for example a decor reminiscent of an Orthodox church, with its typical bulbous bell towers. These icons with an ornate frame form a real small sculpture, highlighting the icon in the center. The frame can be decorated with shimmering colors, made with tinted enamel, as well as with gilding, rhinestones or pearls.


There are also icons in the form of triptychs: the central panel is framed by 2 additional side panels. The icons in triptychs are most often equipped with a pivoting mechanism that allows to close the 2 side panels on the main panel, and unlike deploy the triptych to reveal the interior panels. This type of Russian icon is often used to represent several characters: Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary on the central panel, and angels or saints on each of the side panels.


The most classic icons consist of a single panel, without additional ornaments. They can represent a single character, such as the saint to whom the icon is dedicated, or a scene with several characters: most often we find the Virgin Mary holding the Child Jesus on her lap.


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