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Russian Christian Pendants

Russian Christian pendants are among the iconic art objects of Russian craftsmanship. These finely decorated pendants traditionally represent a patron saint or the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus. These quality jewels are an excellent gift to offer to his entourage, or to offer oneself.


With the online store Treasures of Russia, you can choose from a selection of Christian pendants gilded or silver, with ornaments colored or not, or with inlaid rhinestones. You can also choose from different shapes: in rhombus to recall the four ends of the cross, but also in round or oval shape.


To make your choice, you can start by thinking about the religious person who speaks to you the most, or who prefers the person to whom you want to offer the pendant. Some people like to address their prayers to the Virgin Mary and to give thanks for her protective and maternal side, while others are more oriented towards the figure of Christ, or a patron saint. Nicholas of Myre, known as Saint Nicholas, is among the most popular saints in Russia. He is known for his charity and miracles. He is also the patron saint of Russia: if you love Russian culture, a pendant with the effigy of Saint Nicolas can be a good choice!


These religious jewels are suitable for a child on an occasion such as the first or second Communion, for men or women. For men, we can opt for a golden pendant with a simple decor, which is associated with a gold chain or a leather cord. For children, you can choose a smaller size pendant, which you can put on a gold chain, silver or colored cord.


All the pendants and jewels proposed on our site Treasures of Russia come exclusively from the Russian craftsmanship. Made by craftsmen selected by us, our pendants are directly imported from Russia to offer you an optimal quality. If you wish to have personalized advice on our pendants to make your choice, do not hesitate to contact us!

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