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Animals in glass and wood

Our collection of animals in blown glass and wood


cheval en verreOn our Treasures of Russia, we offer you hand-blown glass and wooden subjects made by Russian artists.


Our range of blown glass animals


The glass animals sold on our website are very delicate. They are handcrafted using the technique of glassblowing and it shows: the finishes and details are perfect! Thanks to the many references that we put at your disposal, you can start a beautiful collection: bird, cat, rooster, dog, fish, elephant, swan or horse.


Of course, glass remains a fragile material: these subjects are therefore recommended for adult collections because they deserve the greatest care! If you want to know more about these beautiful objects, we invite you to read our article on the history and traditions of glass animals.


Our range of wooden animals

Children like to collect. This is a very fun activity. If your child loves animals, why not encourage him to start a collection of wooden animals: it is much more resistant than glass. The models sold on our online store are very funny: they are colorful and original. He will be able to complete his collection little by little thanks to our wide range of references: cat, crocodile, horse, rabbit, hedgehog or frog!