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Large Size Glass Animals

Large Size Glass Animals

Large size glass animals


Looking for an original gift to offer or want to add a decorative touch to your interior? Our shop Treasures of Russia offers you a selection of large glass animals for a decoration finesse. The subjects are made using the technique of glass blowing, which allows to make refined and delicate figurines.


The large glass animals (10 to 20cm depending on the model) are an ideal decoration to place on a dresser, a shelf, or a coffee table, according to your desires. They can also be used for a special occasion, for example to mark the place of each guest around the table.


Glass subjects have long been one of the strengths of Russian craftsmanship, especially with a long tradition of production in St. Petersburg. Pets are one of the favorite subjects of artisans, and found a variety of topics: cats and dogs, of course, but also other animals like the tortoise, elephant or even the kangaroo. Thanks to our online shop, you will also find animals that are often mentioned in Russian tales and legends, such as foxes and rabbits.