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Glass Animals Medium Size

Glass Animals Medium Size

Medium Size Glass Animals


Blown glass figurines have long been considered one of the most delicate and refined decorative objects. The figurines created in blown glass are indeed beautiful: both fine, colorful and original, they bring a decorative touch to your living room, kitchen or bedroom.


To easily find the most beautiful medium sized glass animal figurines, trust the store Treasures of Russia. We offer a wide selection of varied models, all made in Russia with the utmost care. You can make your selection among domestic animals, such as dog and cat, but also among more original models: penguin, walrus, or flamingo pink, there is something for everyone.


Medium-sized glass animals are usually between 2 and 6cm in size: a perfect size to fit easily into your home decor. Blown glass figurines are also a great gift idea to give to your friends or family. We can choose a single animal, or combine different animals for more fantasy. All you need to do is shop online to quickly receive your medium sized glass pet.

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