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Russian Amber / Baltic Amber Baby Jewelry

Russian Amber / Baltic Amber Baby Jewelry

Very popular since the dawn of time, amber jewelry fascinates people. A fossil resin derived from nature, amber is known to bringing calm and serenity to all those who wear it. In Greek mythology, amber actually comes from the tears of Heliades. It's really healthy to wear Amber jewelry for the babies and adults. Thus, on tresorsderussie.com, you have a wide range of amber jewelry. 

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On our online store, propose a multitude of jewelry references such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants. Discover the beauty and the secret of amber jewelry. You will find a unique collection of Russian amber jewelry of high quality, chic and contemporary. You will also discover amber baby jewelry. Our jewelry are handmade by Russian artists. On our website will you find jewelry with a unique design but also certified products.
To offer you these products, we start with a very rigorous selection of the best natural amber. Then, to enhance the brilliance of these beautiful semi-precious stones, artists use silver but also silk thread. The rest is a question of inspiration, quality of work and style of the models.


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